No matter what type of ants you deal with, the insect is often a nuisance in your home. You add another layer to the problem when you encounter an ant species that bites. Bites could cause painful reactions. Learn about different ants that will bite human skin.

Fire Ants

One of the more painful ant bites you will encounter is from the fire ant. The vividly red ant will not just attack humans, but whole colonies have been known to swarm on humans to defend nest areas. Fire ants are typically found outside the home, but various foods, and crumbs left by homeowners will attract the insect indoors.

Not only do fire ants bite, but they sting. And unlike most bees which only sting once, a fire ant may sting multiple times in a relentless attack. Both the bites and stings cause a burning sensation in the skin, which has led to the fire ant name for the insect. You may notice a collection of red spots or blisters form after fire ant bite.

A pest control worker will help protect the barrier of your home and remove any visible colonies from your property. Areas like wood piles and large garden rocks are prone to fire ant nests, so keep an eye out for colonies in those areas.

Field Ants

Fire ants are commonly confused with field ants because a wide arrange of field ants have red bodies. The key difference between the two is the lack of a sting in the field ant. The fire ant is also known to act more aggressive while a field ant will only bite when provoked.

A field ant bite will feel like a pinch on the skin. Avoid the colony areas or have a pest control worker take care of your property so you do not have to worry about the insect. Along with humans, field ants will bite animals like cats and dogs. If your pet frequently goes outside, a treatment will help eliminate the insect and keep your pets protected.

Carpenter Ants

The presence of carpenter ants on your property adds more worries than just a bite. The ants dig through wood much like termites and could chew the inside of walls, nest between wood, and cause major structural damage on a home.

While other ant bites feel like a pinch, the carpenter ant is much larger, and the bite pain could linger for several minutes after you’ve been bit. The removal of carpenter ants is essential because of the damage the insect causes. Once the insects are inside the home, bites could occur in any room as the ants make their way around to different areas where wood is located.

A pest control company has experience eliminating the ant from your property and protecting your wooden structures from damage.

Crazy Ants

If you spot ants on your property moving erratically around, you are likely encountering a crazy ant colony. Crazy ants are smaller in size than a typical house ant, but will bite as a defensive mechanism. The small bite may feel like a slight itch as an ant crawls on your skin.

The main goal of a crazy ant is to not bite humans but to look for any little crumb or spot of food lying around. Along with keeping your house clean, a pest control company will provide a safe treatment barrier around the home to prevent the ants from gaining access inside. The ants could also return each season, so annual treatments will help keep the biting insects away from your home.

Help eliminate biting ants and other dangerous pests with our services at Environmental Services Pest Control, LLC. We will use our years of experience to identify specific ant species and signs of other insects in or around your home.