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Mice are small rodents that can present big problems when they invade your home. If you’ve noticed these rodents — or evidence of these rodents — inside your home, destroying your property, or eating your food, you should consider mice removal treatment. Environmental Services Pest Control, LLC, provides expert mice removal options for those in the Lansdale, PA, and Ambler, PA, areas, and we’re happy to help.

Don’t Put Up With Invasive Mice

If you have mice in your home, you don’t have to put up with them or cling to the hope that they’ll eventually leave on their own. Chances are that once these pests find a warm and sheltered environment with enough food to support themselves, they will be less motivated to move on. So, if mice have set up residence in your home, call in the experts for mice removal treatment.

Notice the Signs of Intruding Mice

Due to a mouse’s small size — 1–2 inches long without their tail — they can fit into small openings throughout your home, sometimes only slightly bigger than 1/4 of an inch across.

Look for evidence of mice in the form of mouse droppings, chewed up paper or insulation, and nests. Mice are more likely to move indoors during colder seasons, so be sure to check areas such as storage boxes, inside the walls or ceiling voids, drawers, within furniture or upholstery, and small crawl spaces under major appliances once fall and winter roll around.

Call for Help at the First Sign of Pests

If you’ve seen signs of mice in your home, get in touch with Environmental Services Pest Control, LLC, right away. We provide a number of mice removal treatment plans to meet your specific needs and to help you go back to living worry-free when it comes to indoor pests. Talk to us today about residential and commercial mice removal treatments for Lansdale, PA, and Ambler, PA, by calling 610-584-6063.